At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief App Apk Download For Free in Your Android/iOS Mobile Phone

At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief App Apk Download : In this article, I will show you how you can download the latest 4.1 version of At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief App and its Apk File direct in your Android or iOS device.

The man who created At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief Mobile application is named Meditation Oasis and This app was uploaded for the first time on 2010-06-09 18:44:00 on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.
You can download At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief Application on both your Android and iOS devices.

Full Description about At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief App

Relax quickly and stop the “Anxiety-Worry Spiral”. A unique approach, the app features guided breathing meditations and guided journaling with topics to write on and think about during the day. At Ease is intended to make deep and lasting change rather than applying a temporary “band aid”. You can experience immediate relief using the guided breathing meditations, and realize long term benefits using the program regularly over time.

“A Must Have! I have suffered with very bad anxiety for years and this app has been a wonderful help.” –rallylou, app user

At Ease includes:

— 3 Guided Breathing Meditations
— Guided Journaling program with exercises
— Option of voice alone or music or nature sounds for the background of the meditations
— 3 choices of Music
— 3 choices of Nature Sounds
— Ability to adjust relative volume of voice and background


These meditations are the core of the At Ease program. When you are anxious, your breathing becomes shallow and constricted. You will learn to breathe in an easy, natural way that makes you feel more relaxed. The meditations will also train you to let go of worry and find the pleasure in breathing.

At Ease contains three easy, effective breathing meditations:

— Deep Breathing Guided Meditation
— Breath Awareness Guided Meditation
— Belly Breathing Guided Meditation

JOURNALING & EXERCISES The At Ease journaling process is increases self-awareness — the foundation of all change. It will also help you develop some important strategies for dealing with anxiety. You will be given exercises to do during the day, and questions to write about as you reflect on your experiences with the exercises.


“I am a very anxious, nervous person but thanks to you I am becoming relaxed and finally sleeping enough.” — Sophie

“Mary Maddux is able to bring her listener to a state of calm and relaxation quickly and easily. Her voice and the music behind her is so soothing to a tired soul and bring you to a quiet level of relaxation.” — Kim

“A couple times at work, I could feel panic attacks coming on so I went to a conference room and listened to one of the meditations… I was able to calm down significantly and get through the day. Pretty amazing!” — SH

“The words and music…work together in a synergistic way to create a feeling of comfort, peace, and reassurance that has been very effective for me in reducing the anxious thoughts and increasing the joy and well being.” — CP



Meditation teachers Mary and Richard Maddux have brought meditation to thousands of people worldwide with their popular Meditation Oasis® podcast, CDs and smartphone apps. Mary’s guided meditations draw on her experience as counselor and healing arts practitioner in both conventional and alternative settings. The processes in the At Ease app are informed by her work in mental health, hospital and hospice. Richard has played and composed music all of his life. He teaches through his music which is composed for meditation, relaxation and healing and supports the meditative experience.

DISCLAIMER: This application is not a substitute for professional counseling or medical advice.
Let me tell you that At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief App has got 4.5 star rating on the Appl’s App Store till date and 100 review all around the World. The price of this Mobile software is 2.99 and the File size of this Application is 221,877.00 KB. So if you want to download At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief Application Apk in your android or iOS phone, Then follow the steps that i have mention below :-

Steps to Download At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief Apk Online

  1. If you want to download latest apk 4.1 version of At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief application, So 1st of all you have to Visit Google Play Store
  2. After that, Search the At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief App on the search bar.
  3. Now, Copy the At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief application link from Google Play Store.
  4. Now, you are ready to download the APK version of At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief mobile app.
  5. Now, Click Here to Visit most popular APK downloader website Apps.Evozi.
  6. Enter the link of the At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief application, which you copied from Google Play Store.
  7. After thet, Click on “Generate Download Link” & Download latest 4.1 version APK in your android phone
  8. That’s it!! Enjoy 🙂

How to Download At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief application For iOS Mobile

  1. Click Here to Visit At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief software downloading page on apple’s app store.
  2. Now, Click again on Download link to Download At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief.
  3. AThat’s it!! Instaal and Open At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief App’s Latest 4.1 Version in your iOS phone.
  4. Some Important Points of At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief application

    Category Info.
    Name At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief
    Official Site
    Price 2.99
    Currency USD
    Category Name Health & Fitness
    Release Date 2010-06-09 18:44:00
    Rating 4.5 Star
    App Size 221,877.00 KB
    Devoloper name Meditation Oasis
    Support Devices Android/iOS/Tablet/

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    This mobile application is Developed by Meditation Oasis and on 2010-06-09 18:44:00 it First time appeared on App store for all Users. In case you need any assistance then you Can follow up on sellers official site

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